Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The story of Amrit Kaur

I'm very happy to present the story of Amrit Kaur. I met her online. She read my blog and I read her. Her blog is very spiritual and powerful. Bloggers like this inspire me. I have offered Amrit to write about herself and she answeres yes, so we have exchanged our stories.
Here is her story about being introduced to Sikhi and ways of discovering truth.

"Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh Ji~!

Because I am a Sikh, but I am not born into it and I don't look at all Punjabi - People frequently ask me questions about how I learned about Sikhism, and why I decided to become a Sikh. Indeed in the area I live, 'Sikh Converts' are very hard to find. So to unveil a bit of the mystery of who I am, and hopefully to inspire~* here's a bit of my story:

I was born in Toronto, Canada. My mother was an atheist and my father a catholic. I didn't get baptized in the Christian faith, and wasn't much exposed to religion. However at a young age I asked a lot of existential questions that sparked my interest in the spiritual world, the paranormal, God, and religion. Questions like: Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? Who is God and Who created God? What is Consciousness? And most of all; Why do we suffer?

These questions sent me on a search for answers that lasted at least 10 years. I researched many religions and practiced different ones... but nothing "belonged" to me. It wasn't until the summer of 2004 when I first met a Sikh that I learned about the existence of Sikhism. It was totally by chance... (or so it seemed). But the miracle happened when I read Jap Ji Sahib for the first time. It mesmerized me, it is wonder and awe incarnate. I was totally amazed at the Truth and Universality of it, and my heart said YES - this is the path for you... you have found the most beautiful jewel. And so I humbly picked up that beautiful jewel in my soiled and trembling hands, and like the philosopher's stone, little by little it transformed me.

I am extremely grateful that the Guru has put mercy on my thirsty soul, and showed me the way of Sikhism. I know how hard it can be at the beginning, to wrap our mind around a different religion, how to find information, and to break through misconceptions... Indeed it is not easy. And so I feel a strong responsibility to raise awareness on Sikhism and the Sikh's way of life, and to share this jewel with those who so wish!

If you wish to contact me, or read more of my posts on Sikhism and related subjects, you may visit my humble abode at: Amritkaur.blogspot.com.

Please feel free to ask me questions, give comments or suggestions - they are greatly appreciated.

May You Be Blessed~~* By the Grace of the True Guru~~*
Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh~*"
May we talk soon~~ If you have an questions about anything let me know and I will be happy to reply!

Love, Amrit Kaur

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Rabbi Shergill is honoured for creating positive image of the Sikh

One year ago I discovered Rabbi Shergill. He is like John Lennon. He is an amazing Sikh singer. I even had this song as my ring tone. First time when I heard song, I didn't know the meaning but it is beautiful. That time I knew there is a great meaning behind it. I wasn't wrong. Today reading news I found out this:

"Singer Rabi Shergill and others were among those honoured on Sunday by a US-based Sikh organisation for creating positive image of the Sikh community and being role models." By Economic Times
Congratulations to Rabbi!

For those who can't understand the meaning of words, I found translation.

Not a believer inside the mosque, am
IN or a pagan disciple of false rites
Not the pure amongst the impure
Neither Moses, nor the Pharoh
Bulleh! to me, I am not known
Not in the holy Vedas, am I
Nor in opium, neither in wine
Not in the drunkard`s craze
Neither awake, nor in a sleeping daze
Bulleh! to me, I am not known
In happiness nor in sorrow, am I
Neither clean, nor a filthy mire
Not from water, nor from earth
Neither fire, nor from air, is my birth
Bulleh! to me, I am not known
Not an Arab, nor Lahori
Neither Hindi, nor Nagauri
Hindu, Turk (Muslim), nor Peshawari
Nor do I live in Nadaun
Bulleh! to me, I am not known
Secrets of religion, I have not known
From Adam and Eve, I am not born
I am not the name I assume
Not in stillness, nor on the move
Bulleh! to me, I am not known
I am the first, I am the last
None other, have I ever known
I am the wisest of them all
Bulleh! do I stand alone?
Bulleh! to me, I am not known
Bulla ki jaana is song by Baba Bulleh Shah and it by Rabbi Shergill