Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can sikhs marry non-sikhs?

Can sikhs marry non-sikhs? Can sikh marry a catholic, christian, white, someone from other religion, gora? Should sikhs and white people marry? All these questions bring people to my Gora Sikh blog. Everyday someone searches for those answers. There is no universal answer to that. It really depends on parents of the couple (both sides), tolerance, upbringing, personal attitude and willingness to be together and work on relationship.

In my personal experience, I had no problem at all. I'm blessed with my in-laws. There were few relatives who mentioned that there are enough punjabi girls. And what? Gurus taught that everyone is equal. My father-in-law asked them not to come to our Amritsar wedding. I love his spirit (my father's-in-law).

I've been a personal council-psychologist for many of my friends -mixed couples and I know that you have to work hard to succeed. You have to be strong and open with each other and your families. Discuss everything before the marriage...I mean everything... How to celebrate each other festival? Wedding? Religion and upbringing of kids? Becoming sikh or not?

If you are reading this please share your story or views. Yours Gora Sikh