Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jesus camp and God's army

Yesterday I saw a programme about children of Jesus Camp. It's a camp where children taught to become Evangelical Christian soldiers. The are radicalised at very young to become preachers of God. God's army? See I saw a lot of anger and tears. They were chanting and they were nearly unconscious. Words like goverment and war were used by grown-up preachers.

Being raised Christian, I accept all religions but it feels that many people nowadays use word religion as a political tool. One young boy in the movie said that when he sees non-christian, he feels bad, unconnected and it felt that he hated them.... at this young age...?

I believe that they are brainwashed at this age... seven years old to twelve years old.... They don't really make decisions... They do what they told....

From my personal experience, I can tell you that I was able to understand religion when I was 16 or 17.... even now I'm realising who I am and what religion means to me. I'm very happy that I dicsovered sikhism... it wasn't pushed on me... wasn't forced....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Britain's got talent. Suleman Mirza and Madhu Singh are in the final.


I'm in love with this act. I used to dance Michael Jackson when I was small but I prefer to dance bhangra now. These two guys (Suleman Mirza and Madhu Singh) brought a big surprise to the screen. I can't wait know for the final now. I think they are the winners already.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In gurdwara

This Sunday when I was in gurdwara, 2 white Irish guys came there. New faces are always stand out. They were alone. They had langar and I was watching them... I don't know the reason why they were here (may be food) but I think it's good that they came... Integration and learning about different cultures is the way to go... and the person who was sitting near them actually took his time to explain about gurus....

See you in Gurdwara! I really enjoyed kirtan this time!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Proud gori

I'm a proud wife (gori) of a sikh man. Since I'm married to him, I got my new identity. GORA! Personally I don't mind it at all. Yes I am fair skinned and what?

Sometimes I feel there is a big misconception in Asian society that white girl or boy won't be as good as a husband or wife for Indian boy or girl.

I believe everyone deserves a chance and everything depends on how strong their love is.

Can't decide what should I make today for breakfast chappatis or pancakes? LOL

White Sikhs

Have you ever seen them? Interacted with them?
The more I reseached, the more interesting this topic became.
White Sikhs !?! Someone finds it amazing, someone doesn't realise they exist.
Have you ever seen white sikh and what is your view?
There are some white sikhs in America, Europe and Asia. How many? I would not be able to answer but I would like to know.

White Sikhs - they follow sikhism more a lot of punjabis living abroad, they speak Punjabi fluently and can read Gurmukhi and Guru Granth Sahib and some of them are fully amrit dari. Although Sikhism does not have missionaries and it does not actively seek converts, people are eager to know more about Sikhism.

"Sikhism is a way of life, a universal faith without prejudice towards others, as you've shown with this video. People of all races, cultures can practice this wonderful faith. It doesn't preach, but offers insight into how to live a good life, to be respectful towards others, while leaving open interpretation of our universal creator."- you tube comment about this video.

Sikhism is the most youngest religion in the world and it's not well known in Europe and other parts of the world. More and more people discovering Sikhism in the 21st century.
Does it make you proud that someone chooses/embraces your religion?

If you are interested in this topic you might want to stop here next time for more of my blog...if you wish...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I wish I could speak Punjabi like them

Very inspirational video! What a punjabi! I wish I could speak Punjabi like them..
Although Sikhism does not have missionaries around world, more and more white people convert to sikhism. More people are discovering sikhism in the 21 st century. I have seen white sikhs in Amritsar (may be from Miri Piri Academy).


Article source is Desi Legend Blog

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gori blogging

I never thought that I will be doing blogging.. but here I'm doing it right now.
Everyone who uses Internet - googles or yahoos. Everyday we are looking for the information about various topics. I google gora, gori, white sikhs quite often. I've found some information here and there but not much... so I decided to start blog about goras, white Sikhs and anyone who identifies herself or himself gora. I intend to blog about my journey discovering Sikhi, thoughts about life and world.
Please let me know if you like the idea of having blog like this, where we can discuss everything and anything.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What is gora?

What is gora?
I found definition of GORA in Written by 3 different people

1. Term used by Indians to refer to white people. Literally means "white". "Gori" is used to refer to a white woman. Not derogatory.

Bill Clinton is a gora.
Jennifer Aniston is a hot-ass gori.

2. Gora -a white man or a man with pale skin. Gori is a white girl or a girl with pale skin.

oh kidaa goreyo teek taak hor sna pher gora koi nami taaji?/good day white man are you well have u any new news to tell me?

3. Gora- word used by Indians to describe the white people in US and UK.
He is a white English/ American (Gora)

Do you have your own explanation? Do you feel it's not polite word or is it ok? What's your view?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

If you need blog about Sikh Gora

If you need blog about Sikh goras please leave a comment. If I will get enough respond i will start this blog!