Thursday, May 15, 2008

I wish I could speak Punjabi like them

Very inspirational video! What a punjabi! I wish I could speak Punjabi like them..
Although Sikhism does not have missionaries around world, more and more white people convert to sikhism. More people are discovering sikhism in the 21 st century. I have seen white sikhs in Amritsar (may be from Miri Piri Academy).


Article source is Desi Legend Blog

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jasleen said...

if you want to learn punjabi, then learn it. :)

guru gobind singh sahib said that every sikh should learn to read and write gurmukhi (this in an era when most people were illiterate). sikhi puts great emphasis on learning (sikh means student after all).

punjabi university patiala has a great site for learning...

i recommend learning the gurmukhi script first, it will make learning the language easier.

good luck!

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