Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What is gora?

What is gora?
I found definition of GORA in http://www.urbandictionary.com/. Written by 3 different people

1. Term used by Indians to refer to white people. Literally means "white". "Gori" is used to refer to a white woman. Not derogatory.

Bill Clinton is a gora.
Jennifer Aniston is a hot-ass gori.

2. Gora -a white man or a man with pale skin. Gori is a white girl or a girl with pale skin.

oh kidaa goreyo teek taak hor sna pher gora koi nami taaji?/good day white man are you well have u any new news to tell me?

3. Gora- word used by Indians to describe the white people in US and UK.
He is a white English/ American (Gora)

Do you have your own explanation? Do you feel it's not polite word or is it ok? What's your view?


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's an impolite term, it's just a term which can be used good or bad. It's similar to english if I said 2 white guys walked into the room instead of saying 2 gori walked into the room.

Anonymous said...

Gora or Gori is used among Indians as well to dxescribe a fair skinned man or woman, not necessarily Caucasian. Bollywood songs are full of Gora or gori references.

Anonymous said...

A girl could have her first name "Gori" It also means beautiful girl. There is a Bollywood song Gori Gori O! banki Chori .......

Mai said...

I have heard the term gora applied to any Sikh of non Punjabi ancestry, including those of African descent. Go figure.

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