Saturday, December 6, 2008

Who are the Sikhs? Great You Tube Video from Singhster1

"Who are the Sikhs?" is a great video representing Sikhism and it's people. Thanks to the director.

I suggest you to go to comments section after watching the video. When I'm in the net, I always look for new info or debates about goras. Here we go...

Moreover what do you know about all gora Sikhs for you to claim that
they are all fake and out to brainwash others!!???!!

Im sorry but THIS IS TOTALLY AGAINST SIKHI to discriminate against anyone!!. My punjabi sardar cousin is married to a gori girl for the past 15 years!!!! They have 3 beautiful gursikh kids!. So why do you think that is so!?!! You need to have an very open mind, if Guru ji thought like you then there would be no Panj Pyare's!!!! Please don't judge anyone!!

Good words Singhster1 ( I assume this is a director of the movie trying to interact with one of the commenters. Sikhism is about equality... Why we Goras are not trusted?


marcinat said...

Thanks for the visit, Gora Sikh. I wish you all the best in your journey as well. I've come to see that the Sikhi way of life is indeed beautiful. I'm glad you have chosen to examine it further. Good luck and may Waheguru bless.

Dana and Co said...

Thanks Marcinat for your comment. Please come again!

Anonymous said...

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