Monday, January 4, 2010

S.W.A.T.: Start year by doing something good!

S.W.A.T. team

I don't know how I found this group Help the SOUTHALL SIKH Homeless S.W.A.T on Facebook but somehow it's very close to my heart... I always wanted to volunteer and I have a lot of respect for those people who go on the streets and help...
Did you know there are over 100 young men from Punjab living on the streets of Southall? These people live in dustbins, cemetery's, under the bridges and etc. To read more go to:
Please donate to SWAT (Help the SOUTHALL SIKH Homeless - S.W.A.T) They have now set up a PAYPAL account to accept donations: please email with the amount you would like to donate. Contact info:s5dhillon@aol.com07943118441

There should be many reasons why these people are on the streets... One of them could be Indian students facing desperate times in the UK Very good article!

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