Sunday, January 17, 2010

My sister photos: Latvia, Daugavplis

Good morning to everyone! So the New Year 2010 has started. I wonder what will it bring to us? I would like to start this year with beautiful pictures made by my sister. Photos of Latvian city, Daugavpils. My city! My sister sees beauty everywhere. (Click this link to see her collection of pictures)

There are many readers who come on my blog to get more information about indians/sikhs in Latvia. As I don't live in LV at the moment, I know very nice blog about Riga (capital of Latvia) in English with a lot of pictures. Go to If you have any question about Latvia, leave your comment and I will answer.

All the best!

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amarpal said...

wjkk wjkf , i jus wanna know h many gora sikh are living out there in lativia and wat effort abd initiative we r taking to pread the message of sikhism waiting for or response mail me at waiting for ur response
amr khalsa